What to bring to a festival

The team is registered, rides are arranged, but do you have all your STUFF? Here’s a checklist for the must-have items.

Paddling gear

  • Paddle
  • Life jacket
  • Paddling gloves
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes/ sandals
  • Dam Survivors clothing and your other paddling clothing
  • Straps to hold your eyeglasses on


Personal items

  • Lawn chair
  • Water bottles FULL OF WATER
  • Your own plate, knife, spoon, fork for eating
  • Utensils to serve the food you are bringing to share
  • Travel coffee mug
  • Extra set of dry clothing
  • Clothing to keep you warm or keep the sun off you / hat
  • Jacket to protect from sun or cool weather conditions
  • Blanket to keep warm or lie on grass with
  • Sun screen/bug spray
  • Towel/bathing suit
  • Rain gear/umbrella
  • Signed waiver for event – if it wasn’t already circulated at practice
  • Emergency contact number
  • Personal identification
  • Any medication if needed: allergy tablets; Advil, Tylenol; etc
  • Money: as there will be vendors
  • Contribution of food item to share with team members
  • Small Ziploc bag to protect your key fob /ID/ cell phone in your life jacket pocket


***It is unwise to leave valuable items at our tent as we may not have someone watching our area while we are racing.**

 Are you a paid up member for the year? Please be sure your membership is up-to-date before the race.

Please be aware:

  • If a team member is drinking alcohol, this could result in an immediate dismissal of the team from this event.
  • If a team member is showing signs/symptoms of alcohol consumption, they will be dismissed from further participation of this event