About Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boating is the fastest growing water sport in North America. Dragon boating requires all team members to work together, paddling in unison. Along with strength and endurance, we develop enduring friendships.

Although dragon boating has evolved into a competitive sport in 45 countries around the world, the paddlers of the Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society enjoy the sport for exercise and recreational pleasure. Paddlers of all fitness levels and experience levels are welcome, as long as paddlers commit to showing up for practices and working toward personal improvement. Our skill and fitness improves each summer and we enter a couple of races each season.

Twenty-two paddlers sit in our 12.5 meter dragon boat, two abreast, with ten on each side. The boat is guided by the steersman, who stands at the rear with a long oar to steer the boat. The drummer/coach sits on a special chair at the front of the boat, and calls out commands to the paddlers while beating time on the drum. Beating time helps paddlers work in unison. The stroke is a short, powerful draw through the water, with the paddle going in vertically and coming out vertically.

Paddlers race over a course of 500 meters. Races are conducted from a standing start, with much strength required to accelerate the large boats off the line and up to top speed as quickly as possible. To get the boat moving fast, timing, as well as power, is required, and all paddlers attempt to stroke the water in unison. Endurance is required to maintain speed over the course to the finish line.