About Us

The Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society was founded on August 26, 2005. We are a non-profit society registered in British Columbia. Our fiscal year, and our membership year, begins November 1. Our Annual General Meetings are held each spring.


Our mandate is:

  • To promote public awareness of issues relating to cancer, including risk factors, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and research
  • To facilitate physical activities for cancer survivors and supporters, and to educate and encourage activities which promote good health.
  • To provide support, encouragement and assistance to persons dealing with cancer.
  • To honour the memory of persons whose lives have been lost to cancer.
  • To help persons who have been diagnosed with cancer understand that they can still lead full active lives despite the limitations imposed by this disease.
  • To secure and manage donations and to disburse funds to organizations involved in cancer research and treatment.
  • To pursue such activities as are incidental to these purposes and for which the dragon boat is an educational symbol of the ongoing struggle to overcome cancer.


Our Directors for 2016 are:

  • President: Lara Davis
  • Vice-President: Yolanda Barton
  • Secretary: Diane Andrews
  • Treasurer: Elmer Shoji
  • Directors at large: Krystal Wolfe, Vicky Brown.